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Nonprofit organization that rehabilitates shelters' dogs considered non adoptable dogs in order to place them in permanent homes.


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After several years as a volunteer in animal welfare organizations I noticed the large number of dogs that return to shelters after being adopted and those that are considered unadoptable. Mandala Animal Rehabilitation Center, a non-profit organization, was born in response to this need. Our mission is to educate society and rehabilitate shelter animals by providing both with the tools to achieve permanent adoption. We focus on working with dogs that are insecure, frightened or traumatized by past experiences on the street. We have professionals in animal behavior that assist in the emotional recovery of the dog, socialization and conditioning to different environments in order to place them in a permanent home.


At the moment we only work with dogs that are currently part of adoption programs in shelters and rescue organizations. We do not receive animal surrenders or rescues.



We work with shelter dogs and with the help of behavioral professionals to help dogs looking for a permanent home. We modify or improve socialization, fear, insecurity, aggression and other behavioral issues.

Some of the things we work on according to the needs of each case are:

- Environment transition

- Stress management

- Insecurity

- Socialization (with people, animals and public spaces)

- Correct use of leash for walking



Once the dog is evaluated and has completed its rehabilitation program it is ready to be adopted by a permanent family.

The dogs that are part of our program are delivered with the following:

-Up-to-date medical protocols (vaccinations, preventive meds, spay/neuter).

- Microchip 

-Apple AirTag (GPS)

-DNA test


We work with dogs that are part of the adoption program of a shelter or organization so adoptions are worked through that entity.


Our work is only possible through donations as we assist other non-profit organizations. The rehabilitation process of an animal is long (several months depending on the case) and expensive.

Donations help us to cover:

-Housing of the dog

-Rehabilitation program


-Apple AirTag (GPS)

-DNA testing


ATH MÓVIL: 787-360-1429

We appreciate any donation you can make.

At the moment we only work with dogs that are part of the Humane Society of PR adoption program.  These that we show available for adoption have already been rehabilitated to a level that makes them adoptable. Adopters will have support to help them transition and adapt to their new home.



Age: 4 years
In the HSPR since 2021
He turned up at a car dealer and they brought him to The Humane Society of PR. Khan is selective about the people he feels confident in. He is strong at playing due to his size and does not like cats. He tells us that he prefers to be an only child.
Photo by: José Madera
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